2017: Year in Review

2017: Year in Review

Happy New Year, friends!

I've been spending the last couple of weeks taking time for myself and my health, so this post has come out a little later than intended. I have reflected on my 2017 and put it up on here for my own purposes of looking back at my memories and highlights! So basically, it's a personal diary... 


  • I got to sing "Lean on Me" with my high school acapella group for our school. 
  • I wrote and directed my own short musical for the theatre department's senior show! My cast was made up of some of the sweetest, most talented underclassmen. I learned so much during the process.
  • I crocheted my own pussy hat for the Women's March in D.C. Although I wasn't able to make it to the actual march, I did end up going to D.C. soon after and showing off my feminist pride.


  • For our high school cabaret, I performed a song from Heathers the Musical with one of my friends. Even though we forgot the lyrics toward the end, we had a great laugh.
  • I also saw the midnight premiere of Beauty and the Beast with my best friend on her birthday! It was a childhood dream come true.


Playing Cinderella taught me that kindness outshines everything.  

Some people will try to tear you down, talk behind your back, or literally break your glass slipper. But what matters most in this life are the people that stand firmly by your side giving you words of encouragement along the way.

Those are the people that we should keep in our lives- the ones that help fix your broken slippers; the ones that run across the school to bring you water during the only three-minute break you have in the show; the ones that make sure that you are breathing when you're nervous; most of all, the ones that are honest and true.



  • I turned 18, finally! On that same day, I gave a  sermon at church, went to a carnival with my youth group friends, and had a small get-together with my friends that evening. It was a crazy yet fulfilling day.
  • I threw my graduation party and had an amazing time with my family and friends that came from all over the U.S., and even Mexico!
  • I graduated from high school with an advanced diploma, an achievement that seemed unreachable during my sophomore year due to my severe depression.
  • My mom and I began our 3-week journey through Europe! First stop: Spain. We stayed with my uncle. We visited Madrid, Toledo, and Barcelona- maybe I should do a post about what to see/do/drink in Spain according to a local... (comment below if I should!)


  • Our next stop was Belgium. We stayed with a few of our close family friends/former neighbors. We took a half-day trip to Gouda, Holland. Here, we walked around the town square and browsed the market. We ate delicious cheeses and sausages; go figure! I found myself a new pair of Birkenstocks (mine were getting old), and we hit the road. We spent the other half of the day in Aachen, Germany. The German Gothic architecture was stunning. My favorite part? Being in 3 different countries in the span of one day. We also went to Bruges and Brussels. I fell in love with the cute houses (and of course, the fries!!!!) 
  • Then, we went to London for a couple of days. My mom had surprised me with tickets on my birthday. As soon as our train pulled into Kings Cross, I was sobbing. No lie, my mom took a Snapchat video of it. From going to Platform 9 ¾, visiting Kensington Palace, getting lost in the rain, and drinking my favorite brand of tea, it was an amazing two days.

    Check out the travel guide here.

  • Finally, Paris! It had been my dream ever since I started learning French in first grade. We were even there for the 14 of July, which is commonly referred to as "Bastille Day" by Americans. 

Check out the photos from my trip here.



  • I officially rebranded, redesigned, and restarted my blog! After a few (failed) attempts during high school, I finally figured out exactly what I wanted to do. And thus, Alexa's Mind (albeit the 120483rd prototype) was born!
  • I got a job at Starbucks on campus. Since I was working on Halloween, I was allowed to wear a costume, so I Disney-bounded as Belle from Beauty and the Beast! My favorite princess 😍
The cast of Musical Mafia!


  • I auditioned for Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella and was cast as Cinderella!! This would end up being one of the most rewarding experiences of my life...
  • My friends and I fasted for 30 hours so that we could package food and raise awareness (and money) for world hunger. This was our 3rd year participating!


  • 1 college decision
  • 2 theatre awards
  • 3 AP exams
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  • Finally became official with my best friend from high school after 4 years of a complete Ross and Rachel relationship.
  • Started one of my dream jobs- being a princess! I get to sing, dance, and make little kids smile :') It's the best.
  • Began college! It really is SO much better than high school...
  • Joined Her Campus as a content writer, and met some of the fiercest women I know.


  • I joined... a sorority? I swore to myself I would never, but when I met the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha at my school, I knew that they were genuine people, and I wanted to be friends with them.
  • I met my other half. Literally. Erin and I are the exact same person, and I'm so honored and blessed that I found my friend soul-mate before I even turn 19. 
  • I saw my FAVORITE Broadway musical (with two of my favorite people) and I had the privilege of meeting Christy Altomare, Ramin Karimloo, Derek Klena, and John Bolton, among others. Did I mention I had full conversations with them? Because I did. And I died of happiness. I also may or may not have cried 7 times during the show...
  • I had the chance to attend College Fashion Week in New York City through Her Campus. NYC is truly the greatest city in the world.


  • Honestly, this month was a blur. My depression kicked in at an all-time low, and for the next month and a half, it only got worse. 
  • But I'm here to tell you, friends, eventually, it gets better.
  • I'll be writing a post on mental illness and my experience with it soon.


  • Ahh, the holiday season. Christmas has always been a favorite time of year for me.
  • My close friends all returned home from college, which led to many laughs & fun stories about their college lives.
  • I got the opportunity to sing & be a princess for my college's basketball game! It was such an amazing opportunity.

These are mostly highlights of 2017. Behind the smiles and laughter, there were also many tears, broken hearts, and losses. But I am so thankful for each and every moment in 2017, because I learned something from both the hurts and happiness, and that is to: 

keep moving forward



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    great read

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    Lovely blog and very inspiring for young people. All the best

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