How to ACTUALLY be Happy

How to ACTUALLY be Happy

Happiness: A state of well-being and contentment. 

It seems so simple, doesn’t it?
We all search for happiness.
Whether in our relationships with others or the actions we take, we seek happiness in all we do.
But attaining a state of well-being is more complicated than it seems.
I’ve tried focusing on the positive or faking it until I make it, but nothing seems to work. Why?
Because happiness hasn’t become a habit of mine.
It sounds crazy, but being happy is as much a habit as brushing your teeth or going to the gym.
Recently, I listened to an episode of Oprah’s podcast called “The Secret of Happy People“. It actually changed my life. And that’s not an exaggeration.
In case you’re not the kind of person who listens to podcasts, I’ve made a few graphics to summarize!

The three major points I took away from the podcast are that:

1. Happiness CAN be a choice.

2. Happiness can spread to others if we choose happiness.

3. Happiness becomes an advantage to others, meaning it gets easier for those around us to be happy when we are.

Choose happiness today, friends. Xx

Comment below one thing that makes you happy!


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  1. February 2, 2018 / 5:52 pm

    Salut Alexa. Je te laisse un petit commentaire en français pour changer! J’adore cet article, très similaire à mon challenge Joie de vivre! Vas-tu y participer?


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