7 Reasons to Live Off-Campus

7 Reasons to Live Off-Campus

Off-campus/commuter living: some say living at home makes your college experience dull, but is that actually true? I’ve been an off-campus commuter student for two years now, and let me just say… I love it.

Here are 7 reasons why being a commuter is the best.


This is definitely one of the biggest pros of being a commuter. If your family lives close enough to campus, seriously consider living with them and saving $$$. It helps if you have a good relationship with your family, because they’ll most likely support you through college with free meals and free rent 😉

2.  Car = friendship

Chances are, a lot of your friends will be living on-campus and won’t have their cars. This is a perfect way to build friendships with friends and classmates, because you’ll have the opportunity to adventure with them, whether that be on a hike at Great Falls, to the mall, or to D.C.!

3.  Snow Days are 10x better

It’s one thing to live on-campus and have a snow day, and it’s a whole OTHER thing to live off-campus and have a snow day. In my experience, if weather conditions are unsafe, professors will most likely let commuters off the hook when it comes to attending class. Safety first! (And then you can catch up on your classwork with a nice mug of hot cocoa while you’re snuggled up in bed!)

4.  No roommate drama!

If you haven’t lived with roommates before, let me tell you: it’s not all it’s hyped up to be. When I worked at Disney World this past fall, I had 3 roommates. It was… a lot. Having the chance to live at home without having to deal with the excessive negativity and drama that roomies *may* cause is an option I would take ANY day.

5. Candles aren’t illegal?

If you live on campus in a dorm, chances are, you’re not allowed to light candles. This reason may seem like a tiny, ridiculous one, but candles personally relax me and make me feel more in control of my life. Not being allowed to light candles in times of stress would make me MORE stressed.

6. Did I mention you can save money?

You won’t be required to purchase a meal plan (PSA: Mason food is not that good), nor will you have to pay for room & board, which are WAY too overpriced in my opinion. You also might be able to find someone to carpool with, which will save both of you some money! Mason offers tons of carpool/rideshare opportunities.

7. Sometimes you just need a break.

I’m an extrovert at heart, but sometimes there are days when I genuinely feel overwhelmed by college. It helps to be able to drive home and take some time for self-care when you need it.


I hope these tips help you consider being a commuter student, whether it be at George Mason University or at another college. I’ve gotten tons of backlash from some past friends because they weren’t able to see the positives of living off-campus and commuting to classes. Their loss!

If you have any more questions about commuting, I’m always available to chat by email or by Instagram DM!


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