Getting Date Night Ready with eos

Getting Date Night Ready with eos

Here’s a shocker: I’m not dating anyone but I still go on date nights… with myself.

It sounds crazy, but hear me out.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Her Campus Media and eos. As always, all opinions are my own- I would never post about a brand I don’t love! Thank you for supporting my blog.

Imagine this: I work 40 hour weeks in the disgusting swamp that is also known as Florida, working outside with guests that are almost always frustrated, angry, or just plain exhausted.

As an extroverted introvert, this job takes everything out of me. On my occasional off-day, I normally sleep the entire day so I can recharge my internal batteries. And on an even rarer occasion, I’ll wake up and decide I want to leave my apartment and go out into the real world.

Living in Florida is *pretty* lonely, but I’ve learned to make the most out of my loneliness- I take myself on date nights.

My date night routine goes a little something like this:

1. Get On Your Feet.

This has to be one of the hardest steps in this entire process. Normally, I’m so comfortable in my bed and I keep postponing the whole “getting up” thing.

Think like Leslie Knope does in Parks and Rec and “Get on Your Feet”!

2. Take a Shower and Shave!

This next step is all dependent on *your* personal preferences! Whether you choose to shave in the shower or out (or not shave at all!), take some time to give your skin the care it deserves. Having smooth skin makes allllll the difference in my own personal date night (with MYSELF) routine.

I’ve trusted eos with my skincare for nearly 6 years now- my love for them is legit.

My go-to shaving cream is eos Pomegranate Raspberry shave cream. Besides smelling super fresh and fruity, it is so moisturizing that you can literally shave with or without water (although I prefer the latter). Both aloe and oat extracts work to prevent nicks and razor bumps, so your skin is sure to be ~thriving~. I always take the travel sized one on my trips and I use the larger size at home!

I normally also treat myself to a nice face mask (a post about my skincare faves will be coming soon!) while I shave and I take it off once I get out of the shower.

3. Pump Up the Jams.

Normally when I get out of the shower, I’ll turn on a playlist full of songs I love to dance and sing along to (this playlist is my current go-to). Occasionally I’ll listen to my music while I’m in the shower, but lately, I prefer to let myself fully think about life while I shower.

4. Hydrate Before You Die-drate.

Before I apply any makeup, I moisturize my face and apply lip balm, since I normally wear lipstick when I go on a solo date night. It’s super important to keep your lips hydrated, especially if you’re going to be putting more products on your face.

I really like eos’ organic vanilla bean lip balm or their organic tropical mango lip balm (aka my favorite fruit of all time). Their lip products are super soft on my lips and I love how natural their products taste. Their packaging is always so cute and you all KNOW I’m a sucker for adorable packaging.

One thing I seriously love about eos is their commitment to creating products that contain natural and sustainably-sourced ingredients.

5. Time For Make-Up

My date night makeup honestly depends on how extra I feel that night. My everyday basics for makeup are mascara and lipstick, so I’ll normally kick it up a notch and throw in some eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and highlighter if I’m feeling it.

6. Find a Fun Outfit

I always want to make sure I pick out an outfit I feel really good in, which normally consists of either a cute mini-skirt and top or a dress!

7. Strike a Pose!

Before I go out the door, I’ll stand in the mirror and strike a pose, even if I’m not taking a picture of myself. I learned from Amelia Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy that striking a confident pose can sometimes make you feel a little more confident, so why not?

I love seeing how smooth and glowy my skin looks and I’m almost always more excited to walk out of the door when I remember to hype myself up.

8. Go!

My “date night” locations consist of lots of different types of places. Sometimes, I will literally drive to Target or Home Goods and have my solo date night there; other times, I’ll drive to a Disney park and stroll around; and others, I will just go out to dinner and drive back home.

It doesn’t always have to be a huge ordeal once I’m out of my house (even if it took me longer to get ready than it did for me to actually go on my 30 minute excursion to dinner).

I think it’s important to remember to prioritize self-care, especially if you’re feeling particularly low, so that’s the main reason I do these random date nights with myself. Hopefully, this post has inspired you to take yourself out and truly enjoy the time it takes getting yourself ready! Let me know in the comments below or even over Instagram DM if you took this post into account and took yourself on a date- I’d love to hear your stories!

With love always,



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