How I Organize My Books

How I Organize My Books

I have a LOT of books. And when I say a lot, I mean well over 250- and that’s after donating over 100 books to my local thrift bookstore! It took me a really long time to figure out how to organize them all in my small room, but I can now say I feel like a new woman.

I used to always keep my books in a bookcase, but when I decided to makeover my room, I had to figure something else out so that I could maximize the space that my room has! At first, I decided to just put them in a drawer underneath my bed (quick shoutout to IKEA’s BRIMNES bed- it’s seriously amazing). But I soon realized that wasn’t the most ideal option, especially since my collection of books was expanding, and books are not meant to be hidden away. They’re meant to be appreciated and accessible!

So finally, after mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest and a few blogs I follow, I realized what I wanted to do- a slightly modified version of this rainbow book wall from A Beautiful Mess:

I obviously don’t have THAT much space to do a whole wall of books (but a girl can dream, right?). This post, that features a single bedroom with a long bookshelf near the ceiling, was exactly what I needed to see!

In case you’re struggling with figuring out how to organize a small space- here’s a tip: you can make your small space look bigger by finding ways to draw your attention to the ceilings!

By adding books closer to the ceilings, your gaze is drawn to the top of the room and voilá- your room feels bigger.

After a long trip to Lowe’s for supplies, my parents helped drill the shelves into the walls while I played the role of a project manager. Finally- it was finished!

Organizing my books has given my room the final touches it needed to be complete. Better yet, I read SO much more now that I’m always looking at my books and feeling inspired by them.

For context, I’ve read fifteen books in the first 3 months of 2020, whereas I read thirteen books during the *entirety* of 2019.

Now I get why Marie Kondo calls it the life-changing magic of tidying up.

(Full transparency, I have more books throughout my room- these are just the shelves that I took photos of!)


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