This Nail Salon Made Me Feel Confident – Nails enColor Review

This Nail Salon Made Me Feel Confident – Nails enColor Review

Hi guys!! Today, I’m talking all about a NEW nail salon that opened up near me in South Riding, Virginia- Nails enColor. Now, I’ve always enjoyed having my nails done, but over the past three years or so I’ve been searching for THE salon. You know, one that makes me genuinely feel good when I leave.

I’ve been to way too many salons where I was forced to overpay for services because I was purposefully misinformed about their pricing. I even left one salon with a chipped mani that the technicians wouldn’t fix unless I paid more. Also, I’ve found it really difficult to find a salon that excels in their technique with SNS dip nails, which is always my go-to mani choice.

And here’s the worst part of it all: up until now, I had never left a nail salon feeling good about myself. Sounds crazy, right? Keep reading to find out HOW Nails enColor became my favorite salon after just one visit…

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Nails enColor. I received complimentary services, but as always, ALL views and opinions on this blog are my own. 

My Experience at Nails enColor in South Riding

I walked into the newly opened salon and was immediately greeted with a smile by two employees, even though it was quite busy! I really appreciated how quickly I was asked if I wanted any refreshments (I asked for a coffee because you guys know I love & need my caffeine).

Then came the hard part: choosing a color. Nails enColor ~literally~ have hundreds of color choices.

Seriously, hundreds. Ranging from normal polish to gel polish, to SNS dip powders, the possibilities at Nails enColor are endless. I could have stared at the wall above for HOURS trying to pick a color. I chose a light mint green for my toes and a light pink SNS dip powder for my fingers.

My nail technician, Amy, brought me over to a super comfy massaging chair that even came with a chic pillow. I was 100% ready to stay in that seat forever. I find mani-pedis amazing for self-care, especially when I’m by myself. It’s the best time to just decompress, get a massage, and watch HGTV.

The owner, Mindy, immediately brought this frothy coffee over to my chair. It was delicious.

My Pedicure at Nails enColor

My nail tech, Amy, was so sweet and did a wonderful job at explaining the different pedicures to me. We decided to do the deluxe pedicure. Amy told me that each one of the creams and products involved in the pedicure is all natural and actually exclusive to 40 or so nail salons in the country.

Amy opened up a brand new pack of tools for my pedicure. I was told that Nails enColor uses a medical grade device to sterilize their tools before reuse! The “medical-grade” aspect is super important to note, since apparently, most nail salons use simple UV sterilizers.

The pedicure was 1 hour long, and every step of it was so incredible. Amy emphasized that the pedicure would leave my legs feeling moisturized for hours afterward (which I was honestly skeptical about), but it proved to be true. Not only that, but Amy gave me a great deep leg and foot massage that also helped ease my sore muscles from my workout the day before.

And one of my favorite parts of it all was that after the massage, Amy wrapped my legs in not one, not two, but THREE hot towels, one for each leg and another as the cherry on top, essentially.

My Manicure… & Why I Love Nails enColor

For my manicures, I typically go with SNS dip powder with acrylic tips for my nails. I’ve found that SNS is extremely durable, looks amazing, and lasts weeks on end.

Now, I mentioned before that when I left Nails enColor, I had this sense of self-confidence that I had never experienced when leaving a nail salon. How is that you ask?

As most of my readers know, I struggle with severe depression and anxiety disorder. When I’m anxious, I tend to pick at the cuticles around my nails. For the most part, I do this unintentionally. But every single time I’ve gone to a nail salon in the past, even if I thought I’d been better, or I was having a “good cuticle day”, the nail technicians would always tell me something snarky about how terrible they looked. Seriously, every single time.

Getting a manicure was supposed to be a relaxing way to help my self-confidence, but I would always feel so judged and insecure.

My manicure at Nails enColor was anything BUT judgemental. Amy was wonderful as she worked, showing tremendous care and patience for each step in the manicure. It seems like a trivial thing, and she probably didn’t notice anything, but it really meant so much to me.

This solidified my gut feeling about Nails enColor- that they truly care about their clients.

It’s been one week since I’ve had my manicure, and thanks to Amy, my nails are looking amazing. Even my cuticles look (and feel) good!

I highly, highly recommend Nails enColor for all of your salon needs. I’ll be back when I come home from NYC!

P.S. Mindy also owns the Salon enColor across the street in the East Gate Shopping Center 😉

Also, I couldn’t resist taking yet another picture of my mani in front of this storefront, because Amy’s work really is a work of art!


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