My Off-Campus Room Tour

My Off-Campus Room Tour

It’s been one of my most requested posts for over nearly a year now, and my inner perfectionist finally feels ready to share it! In case you didn’t know already, I’m a college student at George Mason University and I live off-campus. I live at home with my parents, which not only saves me TONS of money, but also allows me to live more independently than I would if I lived on campus. Getting to have my own room means I can go ALL OUT and decorate it exactly how I want to, which is super important to me. And while it is a slightly smaller room, I’ve learned how to maximize the space I have and really transform it!

Painting the Room

After much deliberation between painting my room white or grey, I settled on a light gray color from Lowe’s. Not going to lie, painting my entire room all by myself was a ~struggle~, but I was determined to make my room look as beautiful as possible, which required a slight sacrifice of my sanity. It took me about a day and a half to finish painting, which wasn’t as long as I thought it would take!

The Bed

I’m a sucker for all things IKEA. I grew up learning how to build IKEA furniture from my mom, and after years and years of learning, I can say with confidence that I am a skilled IKEA furniture builder (can I add that to my resume? haha). Before redecorating, I knew that I wanted a bed that allowed for extra storage space because, well, I have a lot of stuff. When I saw this bed with storage built into the headboard AND 4 drawers underneath, I knew it was ~the one~.

I bought the Alvine Strå duvet cover, because I love the minimalistic look of having a white bedspread. The duvet cover actually has a slight pleat to it which I think looks classic + modern, all at once!

My actual sheets are from kate spade new york (because you all know I’m obsessed with kate spade!)

My pillow covers are actually from another duvet cover set I bought from Target, which I use when I need to wash my sheets or when I’m looking for a little variety! The velvet pleated throw pillow is from at Home (they don’t have an online store), but I’ve linked a similar one from Target here. The modern “Belle” pillow is was actually given to me by a friend! And this hedgehog plush is actually a lavender scented warmable aromatherapy plush. My mom gave it to me and it is seriously amazing when I’m feeling crampy!

I actually used that duvet set when I lived in Orlando for the Disney College Program:

One of the most extra purchases I’ve ever made in my life was this blush merino wool chunky knit blanket from Sarah Lou Co.! I had seen these blankets all over Insta and Pinterest, and I couldn’t stop admiring how beautiful it was. SO, like the Enneagram Type 7 that I am, I bought the medium size last year on a whim. The amount of coziness this blanket brings to my space is seriously worth the price tag!

My Desk

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a full desk tour, which I’m hoping to upload sometime soon! I got the HEMNES Secretary Desk with the optional Hutch (no link here, it’s unfortunately discontinued!). It was definitely more expensive (and much harder to put together) than I would have liked, BUT it has become one of my favorite aspects of my room. Because of the nature of the desk, it’s perfect for small spaces and has so much storage!

Wall Art

I am obsessed- and I mean, OBSESSED- with cute wall art. I randomly came upon this “live your dream” canvas on Instagram last year and I pretty much immediately bought it because it reminded me of one of my fave Disney movies, Tangled! It is actually huge and is on SALE for $13 right now!! London is one of my absolute favorite cities I’ve ever visited, and I got this poster of the London skyline at Tate Modern on my last trip to London!

This past week, I bought these beautiful light pink Ranunculus flowers at Metro Flower Market which is located in Chantilly, Virginia. Adding flowers to any room immediately makes it look more presentable!

Wanderlust Inspired Wall Decor

I love traveling, and if I weren’t a full-time student, I would be all over the world, exploring. I love staying inspired by future travels, so I have a side wall of my room dedicated to this.

On this wall, I have this super cute gold sunburst mirror from Urban Outfitters. I also have my ~expired~ Diplomatic passport & Mexican passport (in case you didn’t know, I was born in Mexico and I have a dual citizenship!). I also have these world map canvases from IKEA, where I added white marble thumbtacks of all the places I’ve traveled. This gold clock from IKEA is chic AND silent. I also have a Polaroid photo from all the places I’ve visited, as well as Polaroids of the people that are closest to me.

Above my side table (purchased from At Home), I have a few coffee table-esque books and a black metal phonograph phone stand from Target. I love playing classic 40’s songs on my phone and using the phone stand to amplify the music! I also keep my gorgeous pink + starry sleep mask from free people on this table (I got it in my Fab Fit Fun box- use this link and use the code RAINBOW for $10 off your first box!!)

… More Wall Decor

I found this mint/white shelf at Michaels and knew I needed it! I also bought this ampersand canvas decor thing from Michaels on clearance for $2- such a steal! The air plant next to it is from Lowe’s and already came in the cute vase. The mini tree is from Trader Joe’s back in November. I have a thing for plants, even though I don’t have the greenest thumb…

I got this Gelati sign from IKEA back in 2017, and it just reinforces my love for traveling and experiencing other cultures!

I love letterboards, and I finally found the perfect one at HomeGoods back in the fall. I’m all about self-care (and the Grinch movie), and this quote perfectly embodies that! The Cinderella hand-lettered art piece next to it was given to me by a friend when I graduated from high school, and I am still so so in love with it. The frame is from IKEA (of course). The Beauty and the Beast art canvas was painted by my DCP roommate – she is SO talented!

I also have these curtain fairy lights from Amazon- one on each side of my room! It really makes my room feel extra cozy.

And that’s that!

As you can see, home decor is very very important to me. I truly believe that you can make the most of any space (even a small room!) with a little imagination.

What post do you want to see next? Let me know in the comments below or through Instagram DM!

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