You Are More Than a Holiday

You Are More Than a Holiday

Valentine’s Day is in exactly one week, and here are a few things to remember as the day approaches:

1. You don’t need to be in a relationship to feel confident about your value as a person.

You are the one person whose opinion matters. So what if you’re the one person in your friend group who’s single? Let your light shine- and don’t let the illusion of other people’s relationships dim that light.

2. You have the opportunity to do anything you want.

Relationships have benefits, but if you’re not in one, you have more time to grow your interests, hobbies, & passions. Learn a language on Duolingo, join a club at school, or explore the town you live in. The possibilities are endless.

3. You’re so much more than a commercialized holiday.

We all see the commercials of a guy sexually feeding chocolate to his girlfriend, or a girl opening a box of jewelry with tears in her eyes. Listen, friends. Valentine’s Day is not a real holiday. Disclaimer: I am not a cynic in any way. But I truly believe that there are more important days than February 14. Example: September 29, 2018 is International Coffee Day. Far more important than V-Day.

So, I urge you to take this Valentine’s Day to take care of yourself.

➳ Go see a movie and take yourself on a date!

➳ Order in your favorite type of food.

➳ Buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Use the code ALEXA.GARCIA20 at The Bouqs Co. for 20% off a ~gorgeous~ arrangement)

➳ OR you can spend the whole day ~falling in love~ with Ed Sheeran’s music. I designed a wallpaper with some of his best songs! You can download it and always be reminded that you are the person that you should love more than anyone else.

Keep this in mind:

Download below:

If you download the wallpaper, make sure to post a picture and tag @alexasmindlettering and #alexasmind, and you could be featured on either one of my Instagram pages!



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  1. February 8, 2018 / 8:46 am

    I love this inspiring post for all the single ladies! So true!

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